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The Cable Man specializes in repairing and reconditioning automotive cables for everything from cars and motorcycles, to trucks and earth moving equipment.

We also specialize in repairs to all cable driven window winder mechanisms. We expertly replace all worn parts in the mechanism with new ones to produce a refurbished winder that will get your windows working again for a fraction of the price.
All repairs to cables are done on-site at The Cable man’s workshop by experienced staff. The Cable Man has been in the game since its establishment in 1986 and has built up a lot of expertise in that they can repair or refurbish cables for almost any use.
As a result, a large stock of spares is kept at the company’s premises ensuring a quick turnaround time.

“Most cables can be repaired within 24 hours with guaranteed workmanship,” says company owner Vijay Budram.

The Cable Man is also stockists of Jeep window mechanism repair kits. Stockist of new gear selector cables for trucks imported from Japan.

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17 Gertrude Street,
Kwazulu Natal
033 394 0576
083 663 3388

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