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When Vijay Budram started his company in 1986 “The Cable Man”, he did it because he knew he did not want to work for a boss, now he bestows this privilege onto his son, Kavish.

“It has been hard work getting to this point,” says Vijay “and my son has been part of the journey, he’s earned his place in the company.”

The Cable Man offers a wide range of services ranging from the repairs of automotive cables, and repairs to electric window-winder mechanisms.

A cable is in essence a simple thing. It is, says Wikipedia, “two or more wires running side by side and bonded, twisted or braided together to form a single assembly. Mechanical cables, otherwise known as wire ropes, are used for lifting, hauling and towing, or conveying force through tension”.

But the applications of cables are almost limitless. Because mechanical cables are used to transmit motion or force between two mechanical elements, they are used for pulling, pushing, driving, and supporting all manner of things in many areas of our daily life. They are integral to our daily transport, controlling the throttle, choke, clutch, speedometer and other parts of our motor vehicles, and are employed in most of the other machines that we use. They are used to control things as diverse as the latches on garage doors to the flight surfaces in aviation.

With repairs to a cable often costing a customer less than half the expense of a new cable, demand was high from the very beginning.
“We worked from early in the morning to late in the evening to make sure orders were completed,” he says.
But the business grew steadily and in 1997, Budram bought 997-square-metre premises at 17 Gertrude Street and built his workshop, where he has been ever since.
The Cable Man repairs and reconditions cables for individuals and for big local companies such as McCarthy Toyota and Barlow World as well as many others. The company repairs cables from 1.5 to 13mm thicknesses and keeps a full range of new cables for cars, trucks and LDVs. The Cable Man offers a fitment service and delivers in Pietermaritzburg too.

“The success of this business is due to a quality product and first-class service,” says Vijay.

17 Gertrude Street,
Kwazulu Natal
033 394 0576
083 663 3388

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